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The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump…
The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump…
So we’ve got this bus, right? Like you wouldn’t believe – it’s deluxe, I’m telling you, nobody has a bus like this, nobody [...]
Repeal of Replace
Repeal of Replace
This week, Mitch McConnell sounded the surrender for his laughably awful “health care” bill, the secretive and hurried Senate take on Trumpcare [...]
Handel With Trumpcare
Democrats are still waiting for their first win in the Age of Trump, as Republican Karen Handel defeated Jon Ossoff to retain control of the seat vacated [...]
Tragic School Bust
It takes something truly special to be a standout in the Trump administration, whose members include Rick Perry, Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions. A tacky gold [...]
The Silence of the Yams
In the wake of a fatal stabbing in Portland this past Friday, there has been a noticeable silence emanating from the White House’s orange occupant. [...]
The Not-Retraction
It was to be the conspiracy that shattered the Democratic Party – a clandestine murder of one of their own, whose patriotic change of heart had led [...]
Robert Culp Warned Us…
This is a clip from a 1958 Western series. To the best of my awareness, it is real. In this clip, a conman named Trump comes to a small Texas town with [...]
Slow News Day
The past 24 hours have been relatively calm on the political front, probably a good thing for the perennially embattled Donald Trump, whose staff could use [...]
Dullards and Pence
In a Saturday Night Live sketch following the election, Alec Baldwin’s Trump addresses Mike Pence (Beck Bennett), warmly addressing him as “the [...]
Don’t Go Chasing Waterwalls
It’s time for another round of Unaccountable Bingo with your host Donald Trump. This time, of course, he’s disclosed classified information to [...]