International Politics

WHO Thought This Was A Good Idea?
WHO Thought This Was A Good Idea?
The Anthony Scaramucci Award for Shortest Job Occupancy is never going to migrate away from its inaugural holder, who wins on the technicality of having [...]
The New King John
The New King John
Of late, I’ve been asked to talk a little about international sanctions, specifically those currently targeting Russia. With Congress having recently [...]
On June 9th, It’s Still May
Theresa May’s scheme to secure a massive majority mandate with a snap election has all but completely backfired on the UK Prime Minister. With the [...]
Qatar Solo
There’s a certain curious timing to the sudden move by Gulf states to diplomatically isolate Qatar. It comes on the heels of Donald Trump’s [...]
Vive La France… For The Moment
Opponents of virulent nationalist populism were no doubt relieved to see that Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the recent second round of the [...]