Robert Culp Warned Us…

May 23, 2017 - American Politics, Off Topic

This is a clip from a 1958 Western series. To the best of my awareness, it is real.

In this clip, a conman named Trump comes to a small Texas town with portents of doom – the end of the world – and says that he and only he can protect the townsfolk. He asserts he can “build a wall” to protect their homes.

Now, it’s very likely that this does have something to do with Trump – Fred Trump, to be precise. At the time this episode aired, Donald Trump’s father was a notorious and controversial slum lord accused of defrauding the American government by overstating the loan needs for public contracts he bid on. While the amoral hucksterism may tie to the father, however, the notion of “building a wall” is all Junior.

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