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On June 9th, It’s Still May
Theresa May’s scheme to secure a massive majority mandate with a snap election has all but completely backfired on the UK Prime Minister. With the [...]
Tragic School Bust
It takes something truly special to be a standout in the Trump administration, whose members include Rick Perry, Ben Carson and Jeff Sessions. A tacky gold [...]
Qatar Solo
There’s a certain curious timing to the sudden move by Gulf states to diplomatically isolate Qatar. It comes on the heels of Donald Trump’s [...]
Robert Culp Warned Us…
This is a clip from a 1958 Western series. To the best of my awareness, it is real. In this clip, a conman named Trump comes to a small Texas town with [...]
Slow News Day
The past 24 hours have been relatively calm on the political front, probably a good thing for the perennially embattled Donald Trump, whose staff could use [...]
Don’t Go Chasing Waterwalls
It’s time for another round of Unaccountable Bingo with your host Donald Trump. This time, of course, he’s disclosed classified information to [...]
Renaultian Politics
Yesterday afternoon, FBI Director James Comey was given his walking papers by Donald Trump. Media immediately swarmed around one of three versions of the [...]
Vive La France… For The Moment
Opponents of virulent nationalist populism were no doubt relieved to see that Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in the recent second round of the [...]
Punting Healthcare
Congratulations to the Trump White House and the House of Representatives for passing their almighty “repeal and replace” health care solution. [...]
Requiem For Comity
Yesterday, the United States Senate voted to end the judicial filibuster. This is being treated as news, or some sort of sea change. Let’s be very [...]